Ten Shin Kai Foundation „Poznaj partnera i relację, jaka jest między wami” Endo Seishiro
„Poznaj partnera i relację, jaka jest między wami” Endo Seishiro

Goals and Mission

Ten Shin Kai Foundation mission

Cultural education in the field of ethics, physical fitness, social acceptance, caring for common environmental potential and creative development, through sports and recreation education based on traditional Japanese arts, with particular emphasis on Japanese Budo schools.

The Foundation’s Strategic Objectives for 2020-2025

  • It is building a society that cares about the environment and the individual, disseminating ethical and moral values, stimulating and motivating to self-improvement.
  • Promoting, disseminating and developing alternative recreation and physical culture. Increasing access to and understanding of Japanese culture.
  • Expanding knowledge about Eastern culture in primary and secondary schools.
  • The goals are implemented gradually, through various Foundation activities, i.e. Classes, workshops, shows, performances, lectures, trips for youth and adults.
  • During our classes various topics are addressed, aimed at transferring the positive aspects of Eastern culture to our education.