Support our activities with a donation for the selected goal of the Foundation or for statutory activities. *

*(In Poland from January 1, 2004) pursuant to the Act on personal income tax (Art. 26/1 point 9), the donor has the option of deducting the donation from income tax .

The deduction is made by entering the amount of deductions in the annual declaration (PIT).

Ten Shin Kai Foundation
ul. Batalionów Chłopskich 87C / 136 01-307 Warsaw
Account Number: 51 1090 1014 0000 0001 4260 0752
KRS number: 0000784283
NIP: 5223158806
Regon: 38322554100000

Current projects implemented under statutory objectives, financed from the Foundation’s budget:

  1. Support psychomotor development in public pre-school institutions implemented as part of cultural education classes.
  2. Increasing youth awareness of communication methods in emergency situations.
  3. Cultural education for children from Warsaw children’s homes
  4. Support for cultural education in public school facilities in the field of Far East culture