Letter From Endo Sensei (1st)

April 9th

Dear all

I hope you are all doing well. We are yet to see the end of this. How are you doing in this trying times? Since mid-January, I have assumed that this virus would spread wide because the world has become closer, and people are moving faster than before.

Unfortunately, it seems that we will have to endure this for quite some time. I take strolls outside, and do some exercise inside, trying to keep the level of stress, growing waist size and the amount of alcohol to the minimum.

“When one meets a disaster, the disaster was meant to be met. When one dies, it was the one’s time to die. This is the secret of freeing yourself from disaster. Regards.” (words of Ryo-kan(良寛)* )

Think about what these words mean.Seishiro Endo

*Ryo-kan (良寛) was a Buddhist monk and a poet. He has many famous words that inspire people. These were written in a letter to a friend telling that he had survived a great earthquake that hit his hometown. Ryo-kan’s friend too, had survived the earthquake, but unfortunately the friend’s child died.

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