Letter from Endo Sensei (3rd)

“Be united with the universe, learn from the great nature.” These are the words of the founder of Aikido.
I recently think that when we are in the state of non-attachment, a perfect selflessness, impartiality, and the state of our mind is in absolute passiveness that leaves everything to the power of the other, we feel ourselves united with the universe, and we can learn from the great nature.

It does not seem possible to eradicate Covid-19. We human beings have faced many kinds of viruses, and have lived with them. In an age where the whole world is closely connected, we must become modest and learn how to live in harmony with the virus.

Through the relaxed and flexible keiko of “Kimusubi Aiki”, I have strengthened my physical core and developed my sense of Kimusubi.

Those who can adjust can survive. (Darwin)

Hope to see you soon.

May 14th 2020

Seishiro Endo

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